Hone Ventures: About Us

Born to bridge the startup-investor divide, we fuse startups with investors, foster growth, and preempt challenges.



Navigating the Venture Capital landscape

Why should startups navigate the venture capital landscape alone? Why should they grapple with growth, investment access, culture definition, and sales optimization without a guiding hand? Hone Ventures was born out of these compelling questions. We’ve walked in the shoes of both a startup and an investor, understanding the complexities and challenges inherent in both roles.


Aren’t there better ways to nurture a startup? Isn’t there a method to turn challenges into success? At Hone Ventures, we’ve transformed these rhetorical questions into our mission. We’ve created a studio that addresses startups’ quintessential challenges, steering them toward unhindered growth and success.

Meet the Hone Ventures Team - seasoned experts, innovators, and pioneers driving your startup's success story.



Wendy Best

Co-Founder, Managing Partner, "Everything Bagel"

David Garrard

Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer, "Agent Provocateur"

Kate Burda

Partner, Chief Revenue Strategist, "Ignition Switch"

Gunnar Link

CFO Advisor and Strategy Consultant, "Fiscal Navigator"